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“Team cooperation in the human herd works best if it is framed around simple, natural core principles that everybody understands. Healthy leadership and team spirit are already inside us. By activating it we break through limiting patterns.”

~ Josselien Janssens ~ Trainer-Coach, Leadership Development & Teambuilding ~ Rayamedicine Training & Coaching

Together with my network of international training, coaching, HR and organisational experts, I provide interventions and advisory support tailored to your needs.

In our leadership and team trainings, the natural herd behaviour of horses provides both inspiration as well as a nonprejudiced mirror. Horses show us the secret of nonverbal communication: the factor that determines how effective we are in connecting and communicating as leaders, within our teams and with our customers.

These powerful principles transcend language and cultural barriers. This is evidenced by the reactions of this group of Taiwanese government officals I co-trained with my Belgian colleagues of Kheiron CVBA near Brussels:


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We foster partnerships around the same approach with colleagues in England, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain.

Rayamedicine: “great remedy”

Raya is the name of my mare. The name means different things in different languages. Raya is a Hebrew word for “Friend”, it means “Figurehead”, in Arab, “Royal” in Indonesian, “Great” in Russian and “Sun Ray” in Spanish.

“Medicine” is the Native American term for “remedy” in the widest sense: not just a pill to cure disease, but also advice or insight gained at the right time.

subconscious patterns and nonverbal communication

The natural herd behaviour of horses provides a clear, unprejudiced picture of the subconscious factors that determine the flow of human leadership and teamwork.

In safe ground exercises with horses we learn to apply five roles for leadership that everybody in the human herd is able to understand, as they are as much part of human natural behaviour as of that of animals.

There is no horse riding in these sessions. Prior horse experience is not required.

Advanced Eponaquest instructor, master herder instructor, Medicine Horse Way master Instructor,

“You may be able to fool other humans and even yourself at times, but you can count on the average horse to let you know exactly where you stand” ~ Linda Kohanov

I am certified by Eponaquest LLC as Advanced Eponaquest Instructor and Master Herder Instructor. I am also Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor, equine experiential learning. Eponaquest LLC is the training institute of bestseller author Linda Kohanov in Arizona, one of the worlds’ pioneers in the field of equine facilitated experiential learning.

In April 2017 I edited the Dutch translation of Linda Kohanov’s latest book: ‘The Five Roles of a Master Herder – A revolutionary model for socially intelligent leadership’.

power-of-the-herd-240x360In 2014 I edited the Dutch translation of her previous book ‘The Power of the Herd – A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership and Innovation’.

I brought Linda Kohanov’s Equine Facilitated Learning apprenticeship program to the Netherlands and am an international Master Instructor in this curriculum. In Europe, including in Holland, this curriculum is taught under the name Medicine Horse Way.

Eponaquest & Medicine Horse Way Instructors form a growing international network of equine facilitated therapy, training & coaching professionals that spans the America’s, Australia and many countries in Europe. As instructors we commit to working according to the Eponaquest best practice guidelines to training, coaching and horsehandling.

International network for internationals

Contact me to benefit from 18+ years of coordination experience in dynamic international teams (including in Greenpeace International and a few years London based), enhanced with the power of the herd.